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Unlock LinkedIn Success: From Profile Shine to Powerful Connections

Want to stand out on LinkedIn? We help you look your best, connect with the right people, and share amazing stuff. It's like giving your LinkedIn a super-boost to help you get noticed and grow!

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LinkedIn Profile Management

Your LinkedIn profile is like your online business card. We take care of it, making sure it looks top-notch and shows the world what you're all about. From pictures to words, we make everything just right!


Content Creation

Content is the stuff you share online, like posts and articles. We help you create things that people want to read and share, making you a go-to expert in the tech world. Imagine being the author of a popular book, but online!


Connection Building

Think of connections like friends in the online business world. We help you find and connect with the right people who can help you grow and succeed. It's like building a team of supporters!


LinkedIn Social Selling

Selling on LinkedIn isn't just about products; it's about ideas and reputation. We guide you in sharing your thoughts and expertise, turning your profile into a place where people come to learn and trust what you say.


LinkedIn Ad Management

Ads are like billboards on the internet highway. We help you create and manage LinkedIn ads that catch people's eyes and get them interested in what you do. It's all about getting the word out in the right way!


LinkedIn Outreach

Reaching out to new people can be tough. We make it easy by finding the right people to talk to and helping you start conversations. It's like having a friendly introduction to folks who want to know you

What clients say about us

“Thanks to 'Influence Your LinkedIn', my profile now reflects the innovator in me. Their strategies helped me connect with investors and partners seamlessly. Highly recommend!”

Eli Markovetski
Eli Markovetski CEO & Founder of Worldpronet

“In just a few weeks, 'Influence Your LinkedIn' transformed my LinkedIn presence. From unnoticed to a top voice in my industry - the journey has been incredible!”

Behailu Fantahun
Behailu FantahunTerritory sales manager @ Multichoice

“I've been in the corporate world for years, but 'Influence Your LinkedIn' showcased my journey and expertise in a way that truly resonates. Their branding insights are top-notch!”

Meryem AkmelDirector and Human Resource @ Ethio-Djibouti Railway

“Maecenas sit amet commodo lorem, at porttitor magna. Duis rutrum tempor diam, id fringilla erat sodales quis. Pellentesque posuere a nulla vel sagittis. Aenean arcu arcu, tempor ut massa vitae, molestie convallis dolor. Nunc vulputate, ex et auctor suscipit, eros dolor congue ante, id consectetur mi odio quis turpis. Pellentesque a pharetra lectus. Suspendisse fringilla ante justo.”

Alena FranciCEO & Founder of Company

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How We Work: Your Journey to a Standout LinkedIn Profile


Identify Your Need

First, we figure out what you really want from LinkedIn. Are you looking to make new friends in the tech world, share your big ideas, or something else? We'll understand what you're after so we can make it happen.


Identify Your Persona's Want

Next, we learn about the people you want to connect with. What do they like? What are they interested in? Knowing this helps us make your profile something they'll be drawn to.


Create Content That Touches Pain Points

We'll help you share things that really matter to the people you want to reach. It's like finding the perfect gift for a friend; when you know what they need, you know what to give.


Make Your Profile Visible for Relevant Stakeholders

Now, we'll make sure the right people see your profile. Think of it like putting up a sign in just the right spot so the people who need to see it will notice.


Make Your Profile Stand Out

Finally, we'll add some special touches to make your profile really shine. It's like decorating a room for a party; we'll make sure everything looks great so people will want to come in and stay awhile.

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